Level 5 to 7 Simplexity® Leadership Programme

The Simplexity® Leadership Units are designed to meet the leadership demands of a 21st Century Business Environment which requires increased engagement, constant change, resilience and evolution of the frontline performance, often against measures of austerity. Our series of qualifications increase leadership and management quality at all levels. It is designed specifically to allow a company and staff to deal with the increased complexities of modern day business, service demands and product innovations.

It enables managers to engage frontline staff to manage their work and in turn allows managers to lead the company.

The qualifications have been designed to both complement the Simplexity® Leadership Programme leading to Practitioner Level and provide a stand-alone ‘Leadership Change Qualification’ for 21st  Century thinkers.

The level 5 to 7 Simplexity® Leadership Programme is aimed at leaders who understand, or desire to understand, the importance of human engagement to facilitate creativity, innovation, long-term sustainability and resilience. The programme is based on change – real change which benefits the organisation and not just academic theory.

Each level will test the core theories and thinking directly back to their organisation, closely supervised by Unit Leaders. Each Unit is designed to make a direct impact to the company’s top and bottom line.



Course Content

Level 5 Professional Award in Complexity and Leadership:

Made up of 3 units:

Unit 1: Research Thinking for Leadership

Unit 2: Supply Network and Leading Organisations (General)

Unit 3: Leadership Information & People Matters

This Award examines the fundamental (core) concepts of leadership and business and their application within an organisational context. In doing so this will consider the role of individual characteristics for marketing managers as decision makers. These aspects together with intuitive judgement will be considered in relation to strategies and how they are determined in ‘fuzzy’ leadership.


Level 6 Overview:

Made up of 2 mandatory units and 1 optional units:

Unit 4: Leadership in a Business Context

Unit 5: Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making

Unit 6: Manufacturing Leadership –  Option

Unit 7: Public Services Leadership – Option

Unit 8: Retail Leadership – Option

This certificate examines the utility of a number of approaches and techniques for stimulating leadership in crisis/pressure and the mess of increasing business complexity. The use of ‘reversals’, mind mapping, rich pictures, brainstorming and other techniques will be examined and evaluated as ‘tools’ in a creative problem-solving process. This stage concentrates on increasing the performance and quality of leadership throughout the organisation.


Level 7 Overview:

Made up of 3 Mandatory Units:

Unit 9: Leadership and Simplexity

Unit 10: Simplexity® Research Project in Organisational Change

Unit 11: Coaching Simplexity® Leadership

For this Advanced Diploma the focus here will be on broader issues of strategic leadership and will seek to examine a wide range of concepts at predominantly organisational level, as well as interpersonal, to achieve high-level performance, resilience and agility to change.

This will include: human dynamics, mess, creative scanning, the role of coaching, systems for leading.


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