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Traineeships: an important stepping stone for both young people and employers

For many people who leave school, there’s no clear path to follow. Lots of those

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a work placement programme designed to prepare participants for the world of

Fitness trends for the future

If there’s one thing we can postulate, it’s that the fitness industry isn’t likely to

Levy funding – use it or lose it

If you fall under the levy funding umbrella, then 0.5% of your organisations annual paybill

How to write your first CV

Writing a CV is unfortunately not one of the more fun aspects of kickstarting your

8 Awesome Health and Fitness Jobs Besides Personal Training

Have you ever wondered what careers are out there in the fitness industry besides personal


There are several UK funding options available to assist students and organisations in education, training and development

Icon Training are experts in finding the right approach to developing training programmes for companies and individuals

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