Why Sports London Conference 2017

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We were headline sponsors at the recent Why Sports London Conference in May and were given a speaker slot to discuss current issues facing our sector. If you’ve not come across one of their events previously, Why Sports run conferences throughout the year with the aim of bringing together talented experts associated with the world of sport, who work to improve participation in sport and the associated benefits of an active nation. The conference series helps organisations like ours to share best practice with others, learn new skills and generally promotes collaboration and support across our entire sector, from the public sector to further education, from retailers to community initiatives.

The latest conference was titled “Putting Policy in Practice” and we took the opportunity to talk about the latest Workforce Development Strategy, which for the first time, has detailed an overarching approach to how we ensure our sector offers comprehensive and successful career development pathways for all.

Part of our presentation, which our MD Gary Denton delivered, included a series of questions addressed to the audience, to test how far the Strategy has actually reached our sector, in terms of awareness and understanding. The audience included a representative cross-section of delegates from the world of sport, including British Wrestling, British Blind Sport, Public Health England, Race for Life, Cotswold Outdoor and many more. Delegates responded to each of the five questions anonymously via electronic devices.

The results of the questions were pretty predictable and concerning in equal measure, highlighting the limited awareness, understanding and take-up of the opportunities presented via the Workforce Development Plan. See what you think below and if your answers would be any different.

  1. Have you participated in the current Workforce Development Strategy?
    Yes – 28%
    No – 72%
  1. Do you understand how to access government funding to support staff development?
    Yes – 27%
    No – 73%
  1. Have you seen an impact in the last year from a Workforce Development Strategy?
    Yes – 18%
    No – 82%
  1. Are people concerned about how to access Workforce Development in the future?
    Yes – 70%
    No – 30%
  1. Do you feel you have access to an embedded workforce training and development pathway
    Yes – 23%
    No – 77%

Watch the full video below to hear how we believe, as a sector, we should be approaching the vision of a fully engaged, trained and committed workforce with long-term career prospects.