Nick Franklin completes 5 half Iron Man challenges in 5 days

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Hats off to our Training Coordinator Nick Franklin, who has completed a whopping five half Iron Man challenges, in five consecutive days for charities very close to his heart.

Between March 20th and March 24th, Nick swam an impressive 1.2 miles, cycled 56 miles and ran 13.1 miles every day. His goal has been to raise money in the memory of his father, who passed away from a heart attack in 2009.

Nick decided to do the challenge, to increase the amount of money he has already raised previously for the British Heart Foundation, from £9,000 to £10,000. He then decided to include Cancer Research and West Norfolk Mind, as they are close to his heart and he feels they do amazing work.

As part of this challenge, Nick has managed to raise £4,600 so far for the three charities, which is a successful leap from his original target of £3000.

Nick has put the pedal to the metal for six months, to bring himself to a fitness level acceptable to take on the challenge, but as you would expect from completing five half Iron Man’s, it hasn’t come without trials and tribulations.

The challenge was both psychologically and physically taxing, but the overwhelming support he received both in donations, and on stages of his journey, where he was joined by supporters, was enough to carry him through, especially in times of fatigue.

Getting up at 5:15am every morning and not finishing until 8:30pm every evening, proved difficult and every day came with new challenges. Nick remained conscious of his limits and allowed himself his first sense of achievement, only after he had crossed the finish line on the last day.

What a superstar! Well done Nick from all of us here at ICON.

It’s not too late to donate! Find out more about Nick’s journey and contribute: