Outstanding Learner Achievement 2019

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Jessica Newcombe

My name is Jess Newcombe, I have been with Copart since 6/6/16 and I started as a CSR.

I was with the company for roughly 6 months and then a position came up as Office Supervisor which my Office Manager and General Manager wanted me to go for as they felt that I could do the job confidently. I decided against this as I felt at that time I was not ready so I remained a CSR. After building relationships with the team and learning the job more in-depth the Office Supervisor role came up again. I then felt more than ready to be able to do the job so I went through the interview process and I was very successful.

Since being the Office Supervisor I have learnt so much and I have had to do this role for roughly 2 years without a stable and at times not at all Office Manager. It has been really hard but at the same time, it has made me more confident with being thrown in the deep end with various situations.

In the time of being in this role, I have built very good relationships with various insurance companies, garages, companies we purchase from and also colleagues from all over Copart. I have also had quite a few training courses to be able to help me better myself as an Office Supervisor and also got asked to do an Apprenticeship for Team Leader.

At first, I was quite excited I was given the chance to be able to earn this qualification but then when I got no support after 6/7 months I felt like I didn’t want to continue as I wouldn’t be able to do it. Then when Lisa came along and contacted me I then felt like I could actually achieve this. Bearing in mind I had to fit over a years’ worth of work in roughly 2/3 months, I knew it was going to be a challenge but I do like a challenge. I have managed to get everything done that was required within the time scale and going through this I have managed to put my fears aside when it comes to certain situations. I have become more confident when it comes to public speaking (which I thought I would never be comfortable doing), learning a lot about our British Values and also being more confident in my role. I am glad I have chosen to continue with this course regardless of whether I am successful or not as I have learnt a lot about myself and become a lot more confident.

Why is Jess an Outstanding Learner?

I first spoke with Jess in May 2019. She was really behind with her course, through no fault of her own and we discussed her options to move forward. Jess needed to have her work completed by the end of July to be able to go through the Gateway and proceed with her EPA. Jess passionately wanted to proceed but was nervous about the amount of work she had to complete in a short amount of time. We agreed that we would arrange weekly visits, either remotely or face to face, to ensure that Jess was able to complete the course.

Over the course of the summer, Jess worked extremely hard by completing worksheets, gathering evidence, reflecting on events, preparing for meetings and overcoming her biggest fear – speaking in front of people. Jess prepared a PowerPoint presentation to deliver to 2 new members of staff that she recruited as part of her project. She was so nervous on the morning of this presentation, yet she managed to hold her composure and deliver a fantastic presentation, which I was also recording for her EPA to add to the pressure! The feedback Jess received was really positive from the staff and Copart are now using this with other new members of staff.

Jess has overcome many challenges during the few months of her completing this work. She is the Office Supervisor, and until late July had no Office Manager. Jess was responsible for managing the office of 12+ staff and it was clearly a stressful environment. During my visits, I witnessed Jess consistently monitoring and supporting the staff to ensure the best customer service possible was provided.

I have seen Jess’ confident increase massively since the beginning of May. She is able to confidently speak in front of groups of people, manage their performance and give feedback, delegate work so that she is not overwhelmed and mainly allow herself time to be able to develop her own skills and therefore perform better as a team leader.

Well done Jess!