Appeals Policy

Policy statement:

The appeals process is not a method of circumventing or setting aside the professional judgement of TC / tutors on the performance of candidates; it is a way of ensuring that as far as possible all relevant circumstances affecting a learner’s performance are brought too light and considered BEFORE a final decision is taken.

Consequently, if an appeal is successful, the decision reached will normally be in accordance with the regulations set out by the awarding organisation.

Our responsibility:

  • Ensuring at the beginning of the programme our learner/s are commencing they are informed of the appeals procedure as well as this at the beginning of every assessment they will be undertaking by ICON Training TC/ tutors.
  • Where an appeal has been put forward we will not discriminate in anyway and conduct the appeal as per the ICON Training and the awarding body requirements.

Formal appeal process
Stage 1

If a learner disagrees with an assessment decision made by the TC or tutor, then they will be able to appeal (in writing) against it to ICON Training Internal Quality Assurer.

When submitting a request, the individual must ensure the following information (depending on the nature of the enquiry) is provided:

  • Name of Approved Centre
  • Learner name
  • Title of qualification or unit(s) and date of assessment with detail of the appeal
  • Date evidence if known when work would of been submitted for internal and/or external verification

To ensure there is a clear audit trail in place ICON Training will complete their own appeals document Learners who have been registered to an SEQ course ICON Training must notify SEQ in the first instance.

Independent review appeals process

Stage 2

If the learner decides they disagree with the formal appeals stage, then they can request an independent appeals process and a review will then be carried out.

The independent reviewer needs to ensure the following criteria:

  • They will not be an employee of the awarding body in question not be working as an assessor for the awarding body or be otherwise connected to the awarding body.
  • They must have the relevant competence to decide in relation to the appeal and will not have a personal interest in the decision being appealed.

The independent review process may involve:

  • A discussion with the learner and awarding body relevant staff member
  • A request for further information from the learner or the awarding body relevant staff member
  • A centre visit by authorised by the awarding body relevant staff member

The Independent reviewer’s decision is final in relation to how the awarding body will consider such appeals and the learner and centre will be informed of the outcome which will apply to the awarding time frame.
If the learner is still unhappy with the outcome at this stage they are entitled to raise the matter with the relevant qualification regulator.

Stage 3

The learner may contact Ofqual requesting an appeal be heard. Regulators, as a rule, will always want confirmation that all other internal and external procedures have formally been exhausted prior to their involvement, and will seek evidence to confirm this is the case.