How We Deliver Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are currently in the public eye, more popular than ever and heavily backed by the UK Government and industry – committed to creating 3 million new apprentices between 2015 and 2020.

 A 21st Century apprenticeship scheme that is developed in partnership with leading industry specialists and delivered by ICON, is dynamic, receives government funding and represent a fantastic return on investment for both employers and employees.

The scheme can be used for both new and existing staff you are looking to develop to the next rung on the ladder and are usually a year-long journey which is steered by a training provider and mentored by a representative of the employer. Our apprenticeships are funded via government initiatives and schemes in partnership with employers and are available to both new and existing staff members. Learners are supported with face-to-face and group learning to help them achieve their qualifications.

What are the benefits of an ICON Apprenticeship scheme?

Employee Benefits

  • Earn while you learn, and pay no fees for the privilege. The average university debt is estimated at £44,035*
  • The current Government has committed to making 3 million new apprentices between 2015 and 2020
  • 85% of apprentices believe they have improved at what they love doing**
  • No need to choose between a degree and an apprenticeship. With degree equivalent, Level 6 Apprenticeships now available, and more being developed daily, your apprenticeship scheme can progress with you and your career
  • Learn with your hands on the wheel, with access to industry professional mentors and assessors
  • Get more out of life: boost confidence, communication, and clarity. Skills from the workplace are skills for life
  • Become a valuable team member: a ready qualified, independent, commercial thinker
  • Make yourself make a difference

If you are a potential learner looking to start an apprenticeship, you can find and apply for vacancies through our careers portal.

Apprenticeships in Wales will offer considerable benefits to society and the economy above and beyond improving employment prospects for young people and adult learners. They provide people with the opportunity to develop job–related competencies, technical skills, numeracy and literacy skills and self-esteem. They also play an important role in helping to tackle youth unemployment.

The current Welsh Government is committed to delivering a minimum of 100,000 quality Apprenticeships during this Assembly term, available to people of all ages, with the opportunity of gaining sustained employment and self-employment.

Employees in Wales will be able to access and engage in high-quality training across a range of sectors that will drive the knowledge-based economy.

Employer Benefits

  • Pay no National Insurance contributions for an apprentice under 25. This is an annual saving of £950+***
  • Receive financial incentives from the government of anything from £500 – £10,800 per apprentice
  • Complimentary recruitment service supplied by ICON
  • Attract young talent to your business, before your competitors, who can grow with your company and uphold your brand standards
  • Recruit from your local community and benefit from the local PR
  • Develop your existing workforce by progressing them to a higher level role. Apprenticeships are not just for young people, but existing staff too
  • 70% of employers reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service****
  • From April 2017 employers with a payroll over £3,000,000 will pay a levy of 0.5% of their payroll on a “use it or lose it” basis. See our levy calculator for more details
  • Retain staff for at least 366 days whilst they complete their apprenticeship

Apprenticeships in Wales are the main vehicle for ‘earn as you learn’ training: Apprentices are employed and their employer is committed to providing access to training and in–work support. Employers are responsible for providing appropriate on the job training, support and paying the apprentice for the duration of the Apprenticeship.

By the end of this assembly term, the Welsh Government would have delivered clearer pathways into Apprenticeships for 16-19-year-olds where opportunities/vacancies are openly promoted by employers to attract the best candidates.

Learners who left programme in 2015/16 with ICON in Wales 92% of them achieved

Creating an environment for success is more than just about training, it’s creating a place where people grow in confidence, a place where people flourish, a place where every day is a good day to come to work.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to,” Richard Branson. *****

Apprenticeship Schemes

Health and Fitness

The Health and Fitness industry is an exciting, varied and rewarding sector to work in. It is one of the few sectors to have continuously grown in employment and wealth over recent years. This growth is likely to continue even further through government initiatives and health agendas attempting to reduce the rates of illnesses and diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, associated with inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles.

ICON specialises in delivering high-quality qualifications across the health and fitness sector. You may be looking to turn a passion into a career as a Fitness Instructor or develop areas of expertise enabling you to lead exercise referral schemes. Whatever stage of your career you are at we have a wide variety of courses to appeal to you. All of our qualifications are certificated through Active IQ and recognised by employers and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Leadership and Management

We know that in business, you never stop learning. New challenges require the development of both existing skill and acquisition of new skill and understanding. leadership, management & education.  We have developed a wide range of management, leadership and education solutions with some world-renowned partners and awarding organisations, that will keep you and your organisation at the cutting edge of your field.

Working with the Chartered Institute of Management and the Institute of Leadership and Management, our series of qualifications increase leadership and management quality at all levels. It is designed specifically to allow a company and staff to deal with the increased complexities of modern-day business, service demands and product innovations.

It further enables managers to engage frontline staff to manage their work and in turn, allows managers to lead the company.

If you are an employer looking to start an apprenticeship scheme, learn more about the process and create an account.


**Apprenticeship Evaluation: a survey of learners (2014)

***Based on an apprentice earning National Living Wage or approx. £0.46p per hour per apprentice, working 40 hours per week

****Apprenticeship Evaluation: a survey of employers (2014)



EU funds in Wales

The Apprenticeship, Traineeship and Jobs Growth Wales programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund