Kirsty Harrison

Kirsty Harrison

Anuerin Leisure

Pearson's Level 5 Leadership and Management & Principles in Leadership and Management

Kirsty is a passionate sports and fitness fan, with a real love for rugby. She has played rugby for Wales Under 19s and been recognised for outstanding achievement when playing for East Wales Under 17s.

Having found success in the sporting world, now her focus is to create a successful career pathway for herself. By enrolling onto an apprenticeship scheme, Kirsty aimed to take the strong teamwork skills that she had built up through years of rugby, and shape them into strong, business-oriented assets.

Kirsty says, “I aim to be the best leader and team player that I can be and to excel at what I have learnt throughout my course.”
After setting this goal for herself, Kirsty has gone from strength to strength. She has already achieved over half of her Pearson’s Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification in just nine months and completed a number of units from the Principles in Leadership and Management.

Kirsty is also a Duty Manager for Anuerin Leisure, which exists to improve community life by providing a diverse range of activities and services.

Managers at Anuerin Leisure have seen Kirsty’s skill and confidence soar, and she has already made a huge impact on the trust. Her sense of initiative, creation of strategic reports, and help in planning activities such as an annual gala will add value to the trust and help it meet its community values and aspirations.

Jamie Davies, Kirsty’s direct line manager and another Level 5 programme member, said that he is “delighted with Kirsty’s progress and she has been an absolute inspiration to us all! I so pleased with the changes and increases in knowledge and confidence mixed with the new initiatives being proposed.”



Kirsty says, “I found the first unit the most challenging because of the level of academic work which I have no previous experience in. After producing the first unit, I became more positive and started to enjoy the course.”

Kirsty has progressed in leaps and bounds throughout her course, after gaining the confidence she needed to excel at the academic side. Both her employer and the course conveners have given Kirsty the support she needed, which is a real benefit to a hands-on apprenticeship.



Andrew Edward, IQA Professional said that “the standard of achievement was exceptionally high. Much of the NVQ met the standards in the Principles of Leadership and Management across seven units, which is a great achievement.”

Kirsty has completed all her learning aims to a high standard and she is on target for successful and early completion of her course.

Kirsty’s incredible achievements show what a development programme can do for many young people. Not only has she gained the necessary skills to make her an excellent team player and leader, but Kirsty has also added real value to her company.

More aspiring managers would benefit from this and other development programmes, as it provides and safe and structured learning environment where people are allowed to flourish and grow into their potential.