Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray

Personal Training Level 3 Apprenticeship

If anyone needs to be inspired by grit, determination, focus and resilience then look no further than Lauren aka ‘Lozza’. 
Fast forward on to today and Lozza has proudly been appointed as Fitness Manager, and all before her 19th birthday! 
Lauren came to us as a wide-eyed, ambitious 16-year-old, whilst on shift as a part-time lifeguard. She had just finished her first year of college and wanted to know if ICON could help her since she had found that College really wasn’t for her and she felt she could no longer progress with an institutionalised approach to learning. After completing due diligence with respect to eligibility and developing an appropriate individual learning plan, Lauren was signed-up to an 8 week fitness Traineeship which gave her a progressive-track instructor level 2 qualification, but more importantly to achieve real-life, high quality vocational experience within a gym-based environment which was what put her way ahead of other external candidates when she applied and successfully started her Personal Training Level 3 Apprenticeship with ICON which was the second phase of her journey of discovery and onto the highway of her career path. 
Having completed her apprenticeship, Lauren is now at the completion of her Level 3 ILM management qualification that has not only given her the skills and knowledge, but has allowed her to apply these practically and grow her confidence to the max. Today she has been accepted at a Fitness Manager and will continue her Journey with level 4 & 5 Management and Leadership qualifications through ICON to help her achieve her goal of owning her own gym.
To say we are proud of Lauren is an understatement.