Circadian Trust

Circadian Trust is a social enterprise and provider of sport and leisure facilities for communities in South Gloucestershire. We’ve been working with them for some time and asked Andy Robinson, Leisure Centre Manager about the benefits he can see from the investment in training to date.

Why did you choose ICON as your training partner?

As an organisation we decided to start working with ICON as they quickly demonstrated that they understood what we were trying to achieve. We explained what we wanted and ICON offered us a clear pathway for all staff to continue their development within Circadian Trust.


What impact/major changes have you seen as a result of the training to date?

All Circadian Trust staff members have reacted really positively so far. We have been able to work towards the vast majority of contracted staff achieving the relevant qualifications for their specific role. The relationships that the ICON trainers have built with learners, has kept motivation levels high. This has encouraged our learners to not only complete their training, but to view it as an enjoyable experience and not something to dread.


We have also been able to offer youngsters the chance to complete Traineeships within Circadian Trust, These have given them the chance to complete work experience whilst working towards industry specific qualifications. At the end of the Traineeship programme we have been able to recruit any suitable candidates and offer them the chance to join us on a casual basis or on an apprenticeship.


What has been the biggest single change to the business as a result of the new training programme?

All staff are now either qualified and on a clear pathway for development from Traineeships through to level 5 NVQ’s, or they have the opportunity to start within the first 3 months of their employment with Circadian Trust. Staff are aware of our relationship with ICON and what they can gain from this and how it can help their ongoing career development.


Working closely with ICON we are able to tailor their delivery so key messages from our procedures and policies can be passed onto our staff. We are also able to have far more control over who is undertaking training and when. In previous years we have had issues of people being signed up to various courses without management being made aware. The transparency and openness between Circadian Trust and ICON means we are aware of who is doing what and when. This enables us to reward staff through additional training opportunities if relevant.


Do you think there will be other identifiable benefits from the training, in the longer term?

The major benefit is the consistency in delivery from ICON and the clear messages we can pass onto staff through their qualifications. We have extremely high levels of completions for all qualifications undertaken by staff as they appreciate the benefits for both themselves and the business.