Level 2 Award in Instructing Kettlebells

Kettlebell Instructor Courses from ICON Training, the leading health and fitness training provider. Kettlebell training has become an increasingly popular addition in many gyms yet remains undervalued or is only used for the standard swing. There are many different exercises and lifts one can perform with a Kettlebell, yet many clients’ steer away due to a lack of knowledge.

Kettlebell training is a highly functional method of applying resistance to the body. It improves abilities needed for functional human movement. The rise of “functional training” has made the Kettlebell Instructor course incredibly popular over the past year, and the trend looks set to continue.

In Russia and Eastern Europe kettlebell lifting is an international sport with local, national and world championships. Kettlebells are well-established training tools. By taking a Kettlebell Instructor Course, you will be learning about a method of training that is popularly used by athletes, mixed martial artists, power lifters, the armed service and everyday gym goers.

Kettlebells provide a training system that is highly adaptable, cheap and easy to learn and develops certain techniques that may be useful in other training modalities. Kettlebell exercises or ‘lifts’ are very effective for various physical fitness goals including developing strength, power, muscle endurance, flexibility, motor skills and a good body composition.

Kettlebells are used to develop and improve:

• strength and power

• hypertrophy

• muscle endurance

• functional abilities

• core function

• sports performance

• active flexibility

• body composition

• cardiovascular fitness

So what can I expect to learn on a Kettlebell Instructor Course?

In Section 1 of the Kettlebell Instructor Course, you will learn how to plan a kettlebell session

By the end of this section you will be able to:

• identify the historical background of kettlebell training

• identify the benefits of using kettlebells

• identify how to incorporate kettlebell lifts into an exercise programme

• identify the safety considerations for instructing a kettlebell session

• design a kettlebell programme.

In Section 2 of the kettlebell course, you will master instructing a kettlebell session

Using kettlebells requires sound technique. Most kettlebell lifts are relatively easy to understand but may take some time to master. ICON Training Kettlebell Instructor Course will give you all the information, hands-on training, and support to ensure you can deliver a top class kettlebell session.

By the end of this kettlebell instructor course section you will be able to:

• prepare for a kettlebell exercise session

• instruct a kettlebell training session

• demonstrate a range of communication skills

• evaluate a kettlebell exercise session.

The qualification is ideal if:

You are an existing level 2/3 qualified instructor looking to broaden your skills and offer additional functional training ideas through safe and effective Kettlebell exercises. Either on an individual basis to clients or part of a group fitness session.

Course Content

This one-day workshop will provide you with the ability to perform and instruct a variety of demanding and effective exercises allowing you to offer greater support and variation to clients.

This 1-day workshop is a REPs recognised qualification which counts towards CPD points.

You will learn a range of exercises including the Swing, Snatch, Clean, High Pull, Turkish Get Up and many more.

The course will be mainly practical based but introduced with basic theory behind the history, benefits and physiological adaptations of Kettlebell training.

Your competency will be assessed during the day through coursework and practical application.

The entry requirement for this course is that you hold a suitably recognised Level 2 Fitness Instructing or Exercise to Music qualification.

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