Fitness & Leisure Career Pathways

We’re constantly listening to our partners and learners in our ongoing efforts to ensure we’re providing the most relevant and impactful courses. We know that employers want multi-skilled staff members who can be flexible and efficient and we know learners want to forge long lasting careers with great opportunities for ongoing development.


We’ve offered bespoke courses for some time and have now taken this to the next level with our new Fitness and Leisure Career Pathways. The beauty of these routes to development is that they offer a multitude of options across each discipline that allows both the learner and the employer to achieve what’s most important to them, as needed. Instead of an inflexible linear journey that looks the same for each person, the Pathways approach means there are choices that can be made about content, timescales and learning/teaching methods.


Our Career Pathways are divided into 3 directions – Health & Fitness, Operations & Management, Coaching/Sports/Activity. From there we offer a range of journeys to help determine the preferred type of environment, sector and the discipline that each learner would like to work within.


These 100% government funded Pathways include courses from Levels 1 to 7 and all ensure learners have access to:

  • The most up-to-date technical knowledge to enable them to carry out their role with confidence
  • Ongoing advice and guidance on the practical application of duties ensuring relevant brand and organisational standards are met
  • At least 12 months job coaching from a professional who has ‘been there and done it’


As an example if a learner wants to achieve an Aquatics/Swimming Professional Qualification, in addition to having access to industry standard and recognised qualifications including NVQ and ASA the course will also take them on a journey of between 12 and 20 months, in both the workplace and the classroom.

The first 13 weeks will focus around completing Maths and English qualifications and the knowledge required to work effectively in Aquatics. After 13 weeks learners are then booked on to the ASA Level 1&2 course to improve knowledge whilst a Skills Assessor meets with them in either a group environment or at work over the Smart Assessor ePortfolio System. From this point they then go on to learn how to deliver safe and effective swimming lessons and will be coached in the workplace.

In addition to the Pathway choices we’ve compiled that support individual preference learning, we also provide 100% bespoke options for those learners and employers who have very specific needs.

If you’d like to know more about our new approach to training and development give us a call on 01291 423655 or email us at