Fitness trends for the future

If there’s one thing we can postulate, it’s that the fitness industry isn’t likely to slam the brakes on anytime soon. Spend on wellness and fitness is expected to hit record highs of £10.4 billion in the UK by 2020, according to Statista data.

With this, we can expect a wealth of new markets and exciting new innovations (like this wonderfully bonkers samauri sword workout). At Icon, we’ve been on the front row of the leisure industry’s development, so we decided to hypothesise on the future and what else we think might be around the corner:


More tailored personalisation

Fitness technology has come a long way, but it still has further to go (more of which you’ll discover in point 2). The bulk of data presented from smartwatches and the like is calculated based on demographic averages. In order to accurately evaluate a person’s health and wellness, this information will need to be measured bespokely based on an individual’s characteristics.



Next-generation fitness trackers

We know, we know. The advancement of wearable tech is a safe bet. In our defence, this global market is estimated to be worth a whopping £34 billion by 2020. The next generation of fitness trackers will go beyond the realm of simple wrist and chest wearables. We can already buy smart socks and smart shoes, but what about Panasonic’s new camera, Contactless Vital Sensing, that can read your heart rate just by looking at you?


Broken down image barriers

Fitness isn’t just for the chiselled and this is something that’s becoming more evident as time goes on. Increasingly diverse gym branding is opening up the floor to people of all shapes, sizes, races and genders. We’re even seeing an influx of gyms specifically developed for inclusive health and wellbeing, like LA’s Everybody Gym.



Digital experiences

You can already experience this in some gyms in the form of virtual classes. However, we picture virtual fitness becoming more customisable. Fitness enthusiasts will be able to modify their environment and choice of workout. One of the more extreme ways we’re seeing this is with the soon-to-open Black Box VR experience (believe me, we all want a go too!).



Multi-generational fitness programmes

If you’re an avid class-goer, you’ll note that the general age demographic is quite varied. Everyone’s jumping on the fitness trend and it isn’t just the gen Z’ers and millenials. We envisage facilities continuing to open up to all ages, particularly as younger generations move into retirement.

Functional fitness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have come across the term ‘functional fitness’. These workouts mimic daily activities that take place in the home, at work or in sports. The aim is to tone and train your body so that it performs much better in everyday situations. At the same time, you getting fitter, whilst improving your strength and balance. No wonder it’s taken off. We don’t expect this one to fade anytime soon!


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