How can we help your company?

ICON is an independent training provider made up of qualified professionals who are committed to understanding what our customers need.

We do this by listening and adapting all of our services to ensure we provide you with cutting edge learning opportunities allied to the very latest training techniques and methodologies. We stand for excellence and inspirational learning.

Our aim is to motivate and energise by strengthening learner employability, raising aspirations and building confidence. We believe that given the right support and guidance, people can achieve many great things. At ICON we utilise a host of blended learning programmes, which can be accessed across several government-funded initiatives. Partnering with schools, universities and a wide range of local stakeholders we work closely with some of the leading employers in the United Kingdom to embed training at the heart of their organisation and create solutions to help their organisation thrive. At all times we strive to fulfil personal and corporate training goals, we work with people to help them carve out rewarding, sustainable and enjoyable long-term careers by up-skilling talent across the UK. We deliver across a range of qualifications from entry level 1 to executive level 7 positions; through Traineeships, Apprenticeships and a variety of funded courses.

In a world of constant change, why struggle for “sameness?” For both the employer and the individual, making the most of your opportunities and resources is critical to achieving sustainable success through the very best training from the very best people.